Money moves and the art of saving is an important skill to be learned. While many are okay with making money, especially if they make more money than they spend, leaving them enough to save – especially with people with multiple sources of income – it is good to save. We mainly save without purpose and end up clearing the account in one big swoop buying something big or going for a vacation. Make money and live free, but making money is not that easy – which is why you should invest.


In this age or era, there are many ways of making money online, such as investing in cryptocurrencies and forex trading, which you do not need significant capital to start. You can invest in a particular product, share, resources, real estate, or anything that you see will appreciate and increase in value over time. You need to save to have a startup capital for your investment. Your investment is the way of making your wealth bloom. Investment does not always yield, sometimes you’ll lose your money, especially when you make a wrong investment or get involved in a business with the wrong company.

Cryptocurrencies and forex trading are online money-making platforms, where you can easily make your money and as well so quickly lose it. However, you do have no worries because you can invest in forex trading with low capital and with the help of a reliable broker. Brokers act an intermediary between two entities, and there are many brokers out there, such as Axitrader. You can check out Axitrader’s performance by reading other people’s experiences while trading with them.


With saving, there are many principles one has to adapt not to lose money. Have a personal budget. This is the first thing you should do. This serves as your financial blueprint, a guideline of how you spend your money. With a budget, you get to know how bad you are at spending and help you narrow down your expenses. Having a budget is not enough, sticking to it is critical if you want it to work. Many assume but do not actually know how to prepare a budget, which is why they can’t keep to a budget. Categorize your needs, and specify your income. Apart from savings, have an emergency fund for unforeseen circumstances.

Have a financial rule. Try to have a policy that dissuades you from employing your savings to run your day to day activities when you go short of funds. Another thing worthy of note is that you need to be accountable. Always be responsible, have a detailed record of how you expend your funds. This can be on a weekly or monthly basis. With this format, you can have an overview of where your money goes and restructure it when planning your budget for the next month. Lastly, structure yourself and your surroundings. Don’t be the go-to-guy when others need funds.

Bottom line

·         Have a budget

·         Categorize your needs

·         Have a financial rule

·         Be accountable

·         Structure yourself and your surrounding