The Disparities that Distinguish Digital Design From Graphic Design

Digital Design Vs Graphic Design

You must tap into your creative side for you to be a digital or graphic designer; however, the two differ in their areas of application. A digital designer creates elements that will be seen on screens, such as smartphones, computers, and advert dashboards, among other digital formats. A graphic designer develops pre-printed materials like leaflets, logos, brochures, brand guidelines, and ad posters.

It is best to appreciate that a fine line distinguishes the two even though they share the same core principle of creative design. Therefore, digital design and graphic design professionals rely on their visual communication skills to develop solutions for marketing campaigns or business promo ideas.

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Digital and graphic design can work cohesively in a company’s marketing strategy, but things differ when it comes to where each skill is placed or utilised. Since we are in a digital age, having digital skills is increasingly becoming a must if you are to grow your business or brand’s online presence. Some graphic designers have embraced this change and transitioned to digital design. Still, most of the traditional graphic designers lack the necessary digital skills for leveraging Google Display Ads, social media marketing, and animated digital banner when building a credible marketing campaign for clients.

As digital design gains prominence, more graphic designers shift their focus to designing conventional marketing materials for the internet. For example, a graphic designer can create an online pdf flipbook instead of a printed brochure.

Honing your digital skills, whether as a designer creating ads for outdoor billboards or an illustrator working digitally, is increasingly becoming essential. Therefore, it is best to stay abreast with the latest design trends and embrace the changes. Interestingly, things seem to change daily, given the vastness of the internet.

Analytics also play a crucial role in differentiating digital design from graphic design. Digital designers can track viewing figures with a click of a button. They also can monitor shares, likes, and comments. On the other hand, graphic designers face some notable challenges tracking their print materials’ impact since they do not incorporate such features. That is how a digital designer can test a specific idea before its official release or publication.

Disparities Between Digital Design And Graphic Design Via Deliverables

  • Graphic designers develop brochures, letterheads, logos, business cards, magazine spreads, and other branding elements.
  • Digital designers create animations, landing page designs, UX wireframes, banner ads for Instagram, Google, Facebook, movies, and interactive elements.

It is thus evident that digital design is an interactive element while the graphic design has a static design. Such interactive design results in aesthetically pleasing and functional products that can be used to enhance the online user experience.

So, Where Does UX Design Come In?

UX (User Experience) is a design process used in developing digital solutions with the targeted user’s experience in mind. It incorporates navigation, layout, interaction, and graphics.

Businesses can reduce the costs of hiring a team of graphic designers by working with an experienced digital designer specialising in UX design. The designer will determine how screens should look like for more straightforward app navigation or website navigation. The designer will also refine the screen layouts with menus, buttons, and other features to improve users’ interaction with a website or app. Overall, the primary objective is to increase the interaction levels.

The Bottom Line

With the marketing demands changing every other day, what one creative agency can offer is different from another’s. You might find a company with a team of graphic designers that creates brand guidelines, magazines, and a separate team handling web design. Conversely, you might find another agency with digital design experts specialising in UX and website design but can also develop brand guidelines, brochures, home adverts, and other print materials.