1. Find A Place To Volunteer Locally

It doesn’t matter where your team is located. You should be able to find a lot of unique volunteer opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere. You can always leverage a volunteering service to find different ways you can give back in your respective area. You can also use these services to learn more about how you can support various causes.

As soon as you’ve decided how you are going to help as a team, you can grant your employees time off to donate their time to the efforts. You could also set specific hours that everyone can spend outside of the office. Doing this as a team as part of corporate volunteer days is always a worthwhile investment because there’s so much bonding potential when you do it.

2. Put Together Care Packages

An easy and pretty direct way to have your team make an impact is by putting together care packages for those that need them. If you are planning on doing this, you might want to partner with some other organisation to get them assembled. They can give details on what you should be buying and using to assemble the packages. They can also give you information on what you need to be doing with the donations when you do receive them.

For instance, Outback Team Building And Training have two different programs that you can use for team-building exercises that have you putting together care packages for those that need them. You can choose School Supply Scramble which will have your team assembling backpacks that are full of needed school supplies for families that cannot afford them. You could also choose Military Support Mission which will have you putting together kits full of hygiene supplies to send out to troops that are serving the country abroad.

3. Public Cleanup

You could also consider organizing a public cleanup with your team. This is a great one for teams that have a passion for helping the environment. The premise around this is getting together at an outdoor spot and removing litter from the ground. This can be done at a local park, forest, beach, or road. You can do good for the environment while you also improve your community and communicate with everyone on the team.

This can be done privately or by joining a neighborhood cleanup team that is already going from place to place to do cleanups. If you are looking to make it even more engaging and fun for your employees, you could offer different rewards for those who clean up the most junk.

4. Host a Fundraiser

You’ve likely already heard about fundraisers or even participated in one at work. Usually, they are done to raise money for something. The majority of fundraisers use common themes such as a raffle, a silent auction, or even a dinner event.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are plenty of different ways to have even more fun with a fundraiser event. For instance, you could host a baking competition where employees would pay to try them out and vote on who was the best. You can even have a quiz to try to figure out which employee knows the most about pop culture. You could even host a poker night with buy-ins going to the fundraising cause.

5. Plan a Charity Team Building Activity

A charity team-building activity can be a good option when you are looking for effective team-building exercises. An employee will love this type of event because they come with a lot of benefits. Not only are they usually fun to do, but they also help with communication and they allow the employees to give back which can make them feel good.

6. Share Expertise

There’s no doubt that you have team members with unique skills. These are skills that can be put to good use in and around your community. It doesn’t matter if the expertise is in marketing, technology, sales, or anything else – they can prove to be useful for someone. You could consider offering free workshop training sessions or something else that can give back to the community.

By Pehyan