How To Make Money From Your Blog

Blogging has become a very popular activity online and many people blog about topics that they are interested in. Did you know that you can actually make money from your blog? This article explains a three stage process to make money from your blog.

Identify an interest and find a keyword

Do you have an interest that you feel passionately about? Download the Good Keywords tool and identify a few high traffic keywords to use in your blog that relates to your current interest. The tool uses search results from Overture and tells you how many searches result from a particular keyword each month. So the higher the number of searches, the more popular the keyword. Sprinkle these keywords in your titles and in the content of your blog posts. This would enable you to get more blog visitors via the search engines to your blog. Remember more eyeballs means more profits for you.

Find a method to Monetize your blog

Contextual advertising today in the form of google represents one of the best ways to make money from your blog. Google can decipher from your title tag what your post is about and places advertisements there and each time someone clicks on an advisement on your blog, you get paid.

Affiliate programs also represent another great way to make extra money from your blog. By referring your visitors to the webstore through your own affiliate link, you can make money from each other their purchases online and what?s best you get paid by a third party provider to eliminate the risk of fraud on the part of the vendor.

Publicise your blog

Once you have the first two steps up and running, you might want to generate more buzz to your blog. Some methods include submitting your blog to blog directories and also to submit your rss feeds from your blog to rss feed aggregators and directories. Another powerful way to boost the power of your rss feed is to use rss programs like Feedburner which allows you to track how people are reading your rss feed. This method will boost your website traffic which would in turn increase the amount of money that you can make from your blog.

In conclusion, writing about a hobby via a blog can be both pleasurable and help you make money online as well. Take some action today with your web blog and you could potentially be on your way to making serious money online.

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