How to create your online resume easily

Want to write a professional resume online ? In this article, we provide everything you need to know about how to create online resumes.

Create a CV website easily

Creating a CV website for your future applications is therefore a real advantage over your competitors when it comes to getting a job interview. However, if everyone has a CV, few are able to code a nice website easily that perfectly represents their personality.

Fortunately, it is possible to create a personalized and functional website for your resume in a few moments nowadays. If you are using a resume builder like CV Creator, they provide the best tips for creating your CV. They also offer creative templates that you can use for your resume.

Tips before creating your online resume

An effective CV, whether online or on paper, can be summarized in 3 words: concise, clear and neat.

As we have just seen, a good CV must allow you to know, in just a few seconds, who you are dealing with. But it must also immediately leave a positive impression. For this, there is no secret:

Adopt the right presentation

The presentation must be square, clean and structured, and above all, not superfluous. Go straight to the point: sobriety and simplicity must be your credo.

Regarding your training or experience, they must be indicated from the most recent to the oldest. You can detail the knowledge you have acquired, the skills you have developed or your past achievements. In any case, be concrete, again and again. Your CV should be tangible proof that you are the right person for the job.

Choose the experiences to highlight

Don’t fall into the common trap of sending a generic CV, identical for all job offers. This is a very common mistake, especially when you are a young graduate. You will be immediately exposed by the recruiter, who will see that your application has been sent to all companies, without any distinction.

The personalized CV, on the other hand, allows you to demonstrate your interest in the position, show your motivation, and be more convincing by presenting your career path in a way that is better adapted to the job offer.

Therefore, think about selecting the professional experiences that best match the position you are considering to show the recruiter that you know how to select and that you have specific skills.

Respect the right structure

The title, and more generally, the structure of your CV are very important. It makes it easier and faster to read and understand your application. As we saw above, the recruiter is in a hurry by nature. You must therefore make a great impression as quickly as possible.

This also allows you to underline certain elements, to attract and guide the recruiter’s attention, by creating reinforcing and highlighting effects.

As a CV title, you can choose what you think is the most relevant: “Young graduate in [your training]”, or a particular professional experience, a specific skill, a degree from a top school…

The same goes for the structure of the CV: for example, if you are just finishing your studies, you should put your education first. And conversely, if you have been working for a long time, you should put your professional experience first.

And, of course, don’t make any spelling mistakes so as not to lose credibility.

That’s it for the generic tips for making a great online resume.

By Pehyan