5 Ways to Teach and Enhance Children’s Creativity

Children need to have the skills to be able to survive in life and society, one of which is creativity. Like academic ability, creativity also needs to be sharpened and taught by parents.

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Here is how to improve children’s creativity:

1. Arts and Crafts

This is the most common way parents can do if they want to teach creativity to children. Children can be invited to do a variety of arts and crafts creations such as drawing and making toys.

2. Reading

Reading is the best and simplest way to develop creativity. Reading culture needs to be taught to children because it can develop their imagination, ideas and thinking power. Reading can also develop knowledge about various things so that children can think innovatively.

3. Take a leisurely walk

Exit the house and take a leisurely walk around to get fresh air. It’s not only effective to release stress but also can train the brain in terms of observation and sensitivity. Many interesting things can be learned from the environment.

4. Music

Listening to a variety of musical genres can also develop children’s thinking patterns both physically and emotionally. Naturally, can respond to the rhythm of music well, so it will develop his imagination and creativity.

5. Play This method will love children. Children often develop imagination by composing stories while playing with various objects and friends around them. Whether it’s playing roles or other games, children generally will develop unique creativity by playing.

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