Tips to Build Children’s Character Early

Educating children to become a quality leader is certainly not easy. This can be realized significantly if our children have one thing, namely character.

A character is an inner trait that influences all thoughts, behaviors possessed by humans or other living things

This is what we can instill in children. We can teach children to have an open mindset and are willing to tolerate others. These two things are the main foundation in shaping character. If you are looking for the best school for your child, Wells International School is the answer. They have the title of Top 10 international Schools in Bangkok.

So what is another effort that we can do to shape the character of children from an early age? The following are small steps with big impact that you can apply in your child’s daily life:

1. Honest and Trustworthy

First of all, parents need to teach the importance of being honest, sincere and trustworthy. The best way to teach honesty is to be honest with yourself. When a child sees his parents lying, they will think this is okay and they will do the same at another time. Don’t do something that the child will imitate later on. And, if the child sees a lie from a friend or other family member, teach the child if the lie is unacceptable. When parents can be trusted and able to keep words, children will also grow to be trustworthy people.

2. Be Yourself

Embed in children, it is more important to be yourself than to have to follow the wishes of others. Children do not have to look and behave like you. Respect children when they have their own opinions as long as he knows what he wants.

3. Teach Forgiveness

Teach children to be forgiving which is an important character to engage in social relations. When they are angry with other people, make sure your child talks about problems with you. Then teach children to express well what is the problem to people who make them hurt. If the reaction does not turn out as desired, make sure you will listen to the complaint at another time.

4. Tolerant

Respecting the differences and opinions of others needs to be learned by children. This will be the basis for them to understand the differences they might have with others. Also, children need to learn the good manner of facing differences.

For that, children need to learn about taking care of themselves as early as possible such as cleaning up toys after playing, respecting the gifts from parents and taking good care of them, and sharing when playing with peers.

5. Be Fair

Don’t expect your child to be fair when you don’t show what is fair and how these terms work. Sometimes children need their authority for a few moments, you need to understand this. Slowly told your child that they do not need to be jealous of others. Also, start inviting children to share with relatives and peers. You can start by teaching your child to share things they don’t really like until he gets used to sharing everything.