Medications included prescriptions as well as over-the-counter items similar to parasite preventatives, cancer drugs, and first-aid merchandise. The most common ailments for dogs and cats have been centered round weight acquire, obesity, and mobility issues, significantly osteoarthritis, which might cut back a pet’s exercise by up to 30 p.c. The Millennial technology leads the way in pet possession, reaching 32 %, while Baby Boomers and Generation X make up 27 percent Pets News and 24 p.c of pet ownership in the U.S., respectively. Canadians house roughly 15.eight million canines and cats, whereas Brazil has the most pets of any Latin American country, with 141.6 million total as of 2019. Across the globe, almost 845 million canines and cats have a house, though canines are, by far, the preferred non-human member of the family on the earth. Amit Das, an animal lover and actor from Diya Aur Baati Hum, revealed being banned from societies for feeding stray dogs.

  • “A widespread purpose given by offenders who deserted their pets was that they had been unable to proceed caring for the pets,” she added.
  • Around Mexico’s capital are scattered indicators for missing pets, principally canine, who their homeowners imagine obtained scared and escaped within the chaotic moments after the devastating quake.
  • When you hear the word ‘pet,’ you in all probability think of cats and canine.
  • Some human meals are safe sparsely, but others may be toxic.
  • Blog matters embody exercise, vitamin, weight problems, dental care, emergencies, rehab and remedy, travel, boarding, senior pet care, coaching, and safety.

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