How to create a more friendly environment workplace

Happy employees are more creative and productive, and this contributes to the success of a business. At the same time, the staff working in a friendly environment is less inclined to leave the company for a better offer. Online reviews about US stores ensure this.

An employer should, among other things, be transparent and honest with employees and help them feel appreciated and respected. A trivial “thank you” is a simple but effective way to show gratitude. And the workspace matters a lot when it comes to employee well-being, being a factor that influences the level of productivity. For this reason, an investment in the workspace is always a good idea.

Making an excellent company to help you attract and retain excellent employees. But, according to office services companies reviews, creating a favorable work environment for employees involves more than offering an attractive salary. Consider the following tips to build an engaging and stimulating place:

Build career plans. Help employees establish career plans so that they understand the next steps on their career ladder and what they need to do to achieve them, as well as how they can develop skills that will help them in the future. It provides motivation and helps combat a challenge that many small and medium-sized businesses face: a perceived lack of opportunities for advancement due to the size of the company.

Appreciation for the work done

Most employees need feedback for the projects they work on. This helps them to improve their subsequent performance, but also helps to increase their self-confidence. An employer should give advice to each employee, be impartial and make those they work with feel part of a team. At the same time, it is important for an employer to have the ability to understand the needs of the staff and to listen to the grievances of each employee. Thus, the problems will be solved faster and the efficiency at work will increase.

Organize weekly raffles / contests

You can hold monthly or even weekly contests to get employees to interact – as ideas, you can try a paper airplane throwing contest, a rock-paper-scissors contest, or a paper-throwing scissors contest or a paper-throwing contest at trash can.

Even if you don’t have the funds, you can use prizes to make raffles or contests interesting – for example, the winner can use the boss’s parking lot the next day, come later / leave 1 hour the next day, or win a dinner in town with the boss (he paying, of course).

Organize themed days

You can organize a day every week with a funny theme – for example: smile day, in which everyone has to wear something that has a smiley face; toy day, when everyone has to bring their favorite toy (since they were a child), etc .; the day of the party in pajamas, in which everyone wears pajamas during the day, etc .; the day of the ugly tie, in which everyone has to wear the ugliest tie he has / finds, etc.

Decorate with plants

Studies have shown that plants can bring many benefits. Not only does it purify the air, but it also helps increase productivity and lower stress levels. In other words, they will help you create a pleasant and relaxing space for employees.

You can put plants in the kitchen, in meeting rooms or on desks. Opt for some that do not need much care and are durable, such as succulents, peace lily, sansevieria, philodendron, zamioculas, aloe or cacti.

Specifically, the workspace must encourage the productivity and positivism of employees, but also be an environment in which they feel at ease. A clean, organized and well-developed workspace is ideal for the well-being of employees, but also for their motivation. Make sure you provide them with all the necessary facilities and that you always maintain a productive workspace!