How To Create A Brand That Your Customers Will Love And Recognise

It is not uncommon to hear the word brand tossed around on a daily basis. In fact, it is a word that has become so common, it is quite easy to overlook exactly what it means. It would seem that everyone from the giant retail brands to the local bakery are all trying to develop a brand. However, it is important to be real about this situation. We need to really understand what a brand is and how one can find a brand and develop it into something that is going to be unique and memorable, without getting into legal trouble! It is actually quite possible to build a brand for the wrong reasons and find yourself in some seriously hot water.

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You may not realise it, but you have been building a personal brand for quite some time. This goes all the way back to high school when you were trying to fit into a particular group regardless of whether it was the geeks or metal heads. Just like then, it can be uncomfortable2. to be with the wrong “brand”, if it is not fitting yourself or what you are able to bring to the table. Let’s look at brand identity a little closer and how it is important while building a business.

Understanding Where The Term Brand Originated From

It may be hard to believe, but the term “brand” is actually a Middle English term from individuals who would take something to the market that was their own. A firebrand would generally involve the burning of wood with either a letter or emblem carved into it. This would then be placed on livestock or even people to show that the item belonged to a certain person or organisation.

Thankfully, the branding of today does not involve that level of pain. Well, we should hope it doesn’t! However, it is so much more than just a mission statement or logo. It is the definition that sets specific expectations for the guest or customer. It allows a customer the opportunity to choose a service or product over another, typically based upon the memories they have of a certain brand. Brands are built on a number of relationships and stories with the customers.

There is actually quite a bit that goes into branding. This is going to include the general voice of the company as well as the logo and even the images that you share with your audience.

What Is The Difference Between A Logo and Branding?

The logo is a simple graphic element of the business that simply represents the company’s brand. This is not the full company but a singular element of it. The brand is a composition of every aspect of the organisation. This will include both the intangible and tangible aspects of a company. It is important to realise that if you have a logo with zero brand development, it is only an image. There is not going to be any meaning behind the logo for an individual who sees it. In the end, it is just a pretty graphic element.

Your brand as well as the logo need to have a mean ing. This is what is going to set your company apart from all of the others while giving a true voice.

Understanding Brand Identity

The term brand identity is typically used in the relation to branding. A brand is an emotionally driven and philosophical concept. Whereas brand identity if typically more related to the visual components of the brand. This is the process of taking the general concept of the brand and create something in a visual manner that hopefully will represent the greater picture and idea.

The brand identity is the whole package of messages, typography, colours, packaging, as well as any other visual elements of the brand. It is the brand identity that will attract new customers. This is why it is essential to have a brand that will touch upon all of the touch points for your guests and customers. If there is no consistency in the components or the general brand identity is simply not that clear, it will eventually impact all of your advertising efforts.

Essential Elements Of Brand Identity

While there are many unique opinions as to what goes into a brand, there are a few elements that are more critical than others. These are actually the core elements in design that create a brand.

– Market Research

– Brand Positioning and Purpose

– Design of Logo

– Likability of Personality

– Graphics