Hard to find work with a spinal injury or disorder? 6 Job ideas to get you motivated!

For people who live with a spinal injury or disorder, the chronic pain that comes with it can become debilitating.

It’s important to follow health practitioners’ advice for pain management. This can include ensuring that you are doing light activity, which also helps with your mental health and resilience, too.

Job roles which require low-impact physical activity, while still keeping your mind focused, can be a great solution. If you’re wanting to break into, or get back to work, here are 6 ideas for employment for people with a disability to get you started!

  1. Work From Home

With the advancements of technology, there are now more opportunities for people, especially those living with a spinal injury or disorder, to work from home. Roles that require data entry, transcription, or writing, as well as positions as a virtual receptionist, can be a great fit for you, especially if you need to avoid standing or walking for long periods.

  1. Teaching

If you love imparting knowledge, consider teaching! No matter the grade level, school buildings are required by law to be accessible to those with mobility issues. Or, as above, you may also be able to work from home as a tutor, too, making it easier to work around the chronic pain that comes with spinal injuries and disorders.

  1. Programming

If you’ve got an interest in computers and software, programming can be a great role to look into. Learning a few programming languages, and being able to type on a keyboard or dictate into a voice-to-text system can be highly beneficial, and help you to work comfortably while living with a spinal injury or disorder.

  1. Call Centre

Do you have great social skills? Do you like hitting milestones and goals? Call centres can range from providing customer service to inbound and outbound sales. If you know you’ve got a great phone manner, and are computer-savvy, you might enjoy this computer-based role. There’s sometimes an option to work from home, which means you can move and stretch as often as you need as well, which can be a good opportunity for those with spinal injuries and disorders.

  1. Accounting

Whether you work for an accounting firm, or as an independent accountant, this role requires minimal physical activity and can be a good fit for those who have chronic back pain due to injuries and disorders.

  1. Administration

If you find that you thrive in administrative fields, working in an office using a computer can be a low-impact job to consider. These types of positions do not require heavy lifting or too much walking, which can be suitable if your spinal injury or disorder prevents you from this type of activity.

Living with a spinal injury or disorder can lead to chronic pain and mobility issues. While it might seem difficult to find or reclaim your independence due to this, it’s important to remember your personal strengths and skills. These can be the key to finding a job that keeps you happy and productive, while also being flexible enough for your personal situation.