7 Things To Remember When Relocating Your Business

Your business is growing and you’re short on elbow room. It’s time to move your business to a new location. Here are seven things to remember when relocating your business.

1. Create a Plan

Planning is everything, and Stefan Soloviev wants you to keep in mind that coming up with a schedule and giving yourself extra pockets of time to accomplish everything is crucial to a successful transition. Make a timeline of each aspect of the move, from packing to notifying your customers to cleaning the old building. That way, you’ll be sure to get everything done in a timely manner.

2. Create a Budget

While you’re planning your move, you should also come up with a budget that covers all the expenses of your move. Be sure to include lost revenue that’ll occur between the time you close the doors to the old place and open shop in the new residence.

3. Notify Your IT Team

Your IT team will need time to contact internet services and move their equipment. Give them the opportunity to prepare and ask them for suggestions on the best way to use the new space and what new equipment they might need.

4. Notify Your Vendors

You don’t want your supplies being shipped to your old address, so be sure to notify your vendors of your upcoming move and the date when you plan on being in your new location.

5. Update Online

Send out an email to your customers notifying them of the move. Hold an open house and have a sale at the same time to get your customers into your new store. While you’re at it, update your website along with all social media sharing your new location. Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your online presence. You’ll also need to change your stationery and business cards.

6. Create a Schedule for Your Employees

Your employees will also need to clear out their desks and pack. Supply staff members with boxes and make sure they write their names on each one so their items can be easily located and unpacked at your new location.

7. Clean Up

Decluttering before you move is a great way to get rid of excess junk. Take advantage of the move to organize supplies and materials so that your business can run more smoothly.

Follow these tips so that you and your staff have an easy transition from your old location to the new one.