6 Anti-Breakproof Home Security Systems

A home security system is something that every homeowner must pay attention to. Especially when you have to leave the house empty for work or even on vacation. You must be worried about theft, lost jewelry, or the safety of other valuables.
Although now almost all housing and apartment complexes are using security facilities, you still have to be vigilant and take precautions in your private residence. Well, want to know what security systems you can use to keep your home safe? Here are some of them.

Alarm System

The alarm system will notify you of any disturbance caused by suspicious activity. This alarm detection system can not only be used at the entrance of the house, but can also be applied to the windows of the house. However, this one security system may include an expensive investment for you. In addition, there are many features that exist in the alert framework, for example, movement finders, warmth or fire identifiers to keep away from security
fires, and others. Each feature has its own function according to your needs.
An alarm system is very important for you to consider, because the alarm not only functions as a deterrent to intruders, but a good alarm system can also connect directly to the police to get help as soon as possible.


Installing a security camera or CCTV in your private home will greatly assist you in keeping an eye on strangers who enter your home environment. If one day there is a criminal act such as robbery, the video recording taken by CCTV will greatly assist the police investigation process as evidence. The police can likewise more effectively recognize hoodlums who enter your home through CCTV footage.
Currently, there are many CCTV cameras that use real-time monitoring systems. You can also more easily pay attention to the condition of the house whenever and wherever you are.

Safety Trellis

The simplest and furthermore generally reasonable approach to make the house more secure is to introduce a lattice. The lattice can forestall the section of criminals who undermine the security of your home. Install trellises at the entrance and windows of the house. If you have an open roof for air and light circulation, you must also install a trellis in that section. Not only protecting the house from strangers, using a trellis also serves to keep children safe from falling when playing around the window.

Digital Lock

For optimal residential security, use a specially programmable digital lock. Create one key that only you and your family will know, and another that is temporary so that visitors can use it. Immediately remove the temporary lock if indeed the needs of visitors in your home have been completed, whether they are renovation workers or just staying guests.
If you are still using a traditional key, never leave a spare key you have under a rug, rock, or plant pot as it will be too easy to find. Instead, use a combination lock to secure your door lock.

Curtains to cover the view from the outside

Make the view of people from outside into the house well blocked. Always keep your blinds or windows closed so that a malicious thief cannot look into your home for luxury electronics or other valuables. Then, don’t forget to always close the garage. Even when you’re in the house, keep the garage door closed at all times.

Screw on Door

In each door frame, a set of doorknobs are installed, which generally use thick plates and screws. Generally, the standard screws used are about half an inch long. This standard screw is classified as easy to damage. To give the house extra security, use longer screws to prevent the housing from being broken into easily.
Those were some of the ways that you can apply to improve your home security system. Have you implemented it? Let’s start applying now before it’s too late!