4 White is a myth for the Kitchen, Do You Believe It?

White is a neutral color that you can mix with any color. Even for the room, white is suitable for you to apply to all rooms in your house.

The room which is dominated by white color usually has an elegant and clean impression. No wonder, this one color chose by many people for their house.

But what about the kitchen?

The kitchen is a place where people spend most of their time during the day. For lighting reasons, white is the right color to apply to this room. White kitchen wall with earth tone kitchen floor tiles is a great combination to make the kitchen look very elegant.

Do you want to know the white myth for the kitchen? Here are some myths and facts about white for the kitchen:

Myth 1: White color makes the room dirty very quick

The impression of clean or dirty depends on the design and arrangement of the kitchen and all the equipment. Kitchen utensils with the right arrangement can disguise blemishes and eliminate the dirty impression in the kitchen. Also, you can use equipment made from materials that are easy to clean.

Myth 2: White is “cold”

So as not to appear “cold”, you can combine white and beige paint colors to make it seem warmer. Or you can combine it with wood tools to make it look brighter. Don’t forget to use good lighting. Avoid dim lighting for the kitchen.

Myth 3: White is old school color

White is the perfect color for the walls of a room, including the kitchen. Even for a contemporary concept kitchen.

White color can make the kitchen look more modern. You just need to add colorful accessories or decorations.

Myth 4: White is good for narrow kitchens

The white color in the room makes a wider impression. White creates a feeling of space. This color is good to use if your house doesn’t get enough sun.